Spain Entry Requirements Spain Entry Requirements determine the rules that must be followed in order to enter Spain hassle-free, including gathering certain documents that will be verified at the Spanish border control. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Spain has recorded a high number of coronavirus cases and covid-related deaths. That is why some additional measures have been introduced in the country. One of these measures is the requirement to complete the SpTH Control Form by certain travelers. Spain remains open for international tourism with a few restrictions remaining in place. Please note that new restrictions and bans can be implemented at any time before or during your trip. Make sure to check the latest information on Spanish entry and health requirements before traveling to Spain.

Covid-19 entry restrictions in Spain

Rules for travelers from the EU or Schengen Area

There are no Covid-19 entry restrictions for travelers from EU or Schengen member countries who will be arriving in Spain by air or sea.

Rules for travelers outside the EU or Schengen Area

Travelers coming to Spain from countries outside the European Union or Schengen Area are required to provide either a certificate of vaccination, a negative test report (RAT or PCR), or a recovery certificate. They can enter Spain by showing the EU Digital Covid Certificate or its equivalent certificates. Those travelers who are unable to show an EU Digital Covid Certificate or its equivalent will need to complete the SpTH Health Control Form and receive a unique QR code that will be then checked upon arrival in Spain.

Vaccination information

Spain introduced an expiration date on Covid vaccine passports. If a final dose of the first Covid-19 vaccination was over 270 days ago, travelers to Spain will also need to receive a booster dose before the planned trip. These rules only apply to international travelers arriving from outside the European Union or Schengen zone who are aged over 18.  

Spain Travel Health Form

The Spanish Passenger Locator Form (the Formulario de Control Sanitario) was introduced under the Spain Travel Health Program (SpTH). The SpTH form is an online declaration that includes all essential details about a traveler’s health and trip. Thanks to these details, the Spanish authorities can monitor the coronavirus situation and prevent the further spread of new Covid-19 cases. Each form is personal and cannot be transferred to another person. Moreover, the SpTH is associated only with a single trip to Spain.  

Who needs to complete the SpTH?

Currently, the SpTH is obligatory to be completed by travelers arriving from countries not being members of the EU or Schengen Area who are not able to provide an EU Digital Covid Certificate or EU Equivalent. This requirement does not apply to transit passengers and children younger than 12, who are all exempt from the SpTH requirement. If the passenger is a minor or a disabled/dependant person, the health form should be submitted by their guardian(s), who will also be responsible for the accuracy of all the details provided.  

When should the Spanish PLF be filled out?

The Spanish Health Control Form should be completed within 48 hours prior to the intended arrival in Spain. It cannot be filled out earlier since the required health-related data must be relevant and up-to-date.  

How to complete the Spanish Health Control Form?

The SpTH form is available entirely online. Anyone who must complete it should grab any working electronic device connected to the Internet and follow these simple steps:
  1. Fill out the SpTH online form: enter all required information and double-check it for errors.
  2. Cover the service fee: use one of the available methods of online payment and pay the handling fee, which is charged by the professional assistance of our consultants at every stage of your online application.
  3. Refresh your email inbox: once successfully processed, the SpTH receipt with your individual QR code will be delivered to your email address.
Note: If you arrive in Spain with a QR code, you will need to follow a certain pathway at the airport. Please be ready to show the code. Both physical and digital versions will be accepted.  

EU Digital Covid Certificate

An EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC) or EU Equivalent is issued by the competent authorities of EU countries and third countries or territories that have been using the DCC system. The DCC confirms that a traveler:
  • has received the full regimen of Covid-19 vaccine (valid from 14 days after receiving the final dose up to 270 days from the administration of the final dose; vaccination certificates of children younger than 18 have no expiry date);
  • has performed a diagnostic test within 72 hours before departure time (NAAT negative test result) or antigen test taken 24 hours before the trip
  • has recovered from Covid-19, and more than 11 days have elapsed since the day of receiving the first positive NAAT or antigen test (the recovery will be valid for 6 months thereafter).
Important: The person who is able to provide an EU Digital Covid Certificate or its equivalent does not need to complete the SpTH form and show a QR code upon arrival in Spain.